Is there a way to translate numbers, icons and letter into a text format?

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I'm currently trying to make a somewhat automatic Layer maker in excel.

I'm creating layers in AUTOCAD and i want a register for them in excel where i can sort them and create a new one or find a old one.


I'm using 11 symbols between letters, numbers and "-".


What i would like is for me to be able to make the program recognize some of the letters and automatically write the full meaning of them in a another cell.


I would like for the yellow field on the right to read the yellow field on the left and translate the letter to a short phrase or a word. Same for blue, green might be allot of work or very difficult but at least yellow and blue.

 (in this example every post is the same but I will add different types of fields and same goes for status)



Thanks in advance



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@Alexander_Markera You could add the codes to the list of AutoCorrect options, as shown in the picture below.


With this example, anytime you type T, Excel replaces it with Trafik- och vägprojektor