Is there a way to "copy" all information from a row to another sheet based on specific information?

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I have one Master sheet and 6 bureau sheets.  The Master sheet has 21 columns: Last name, first name, case#, SSN, Assigned Bureau, etc. The Assigned Bureau column has 6 different options (C100, E100, F100, N100, V100, JUMA).  The Master sheet will have all the customer data for the entire department for this project.


The Bureau sheets have the exact same columns as the Master sheet. 


I would like to populate the Bureau sheets based on the Assigned Bureau column from the Master sheet.  For example, all the customers belonging to E100 would populate to the E100 sheet, etc. 


I *think* this can be done using tables, or maybe a Pivot Table? I am not super familiar with those, so I am really hitting a wall with this one.


Here is an example of the first few columns from the Master sheet. There are 21 columns total

Date Received Customer Last NameCustomer First Name Case #SSNPhone NumberEmailAssigned BureauAssigned VACInitial ApointmentField
10/16/2017JoeJohnson1B12345123-45-6789(916) 555-1234 C100FE71 BA Economics. Law Degree from India
 10/31/2017MimiMouse1B13546888-55-2222  F100FE71  Civil engineering from Afghanistan
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I just provided an approach to someone who has the question like yours.  You may visit there to see if it fit to you.

Hi Courtney,


Yes, that could be done through PivotTables. The only point is to apply correct layout to it. Where to place doesn't matter. Add to PivotTable all fields but Bureau which use as a filter.


Staying on PivotTable in ribbon Analyse->PivotTable Options select


confirm it


and new sheets will be generated for each value of the filter


To update all of them use RefreshAll


Sample file is attached.



Hello @Sergei Baklan,

I need this same thing, but as you say, the point is to apply correct layout, and I can't figure that out.

I want the layout your sample file has, where, for example, all the names are in column A, all their phone numbers are in column B, addresses in column C... etc.

But what I get is Name in A4, phone number in A5, Address in A6, next name in A7, phone number A8 etc.

What is the trick to copy the rows from the Master and have them stay in rows in the pivot tables? Thank you for your help