Is there a way to balance data for a game in a table containin

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I have a table containing balancing data for a game.

**DAY **(Column C) is generated from a formula, and contains required durations to be spent to complete each **LEVEL **(Column B).

Now I need to track back **LEVEL **(Column F) from **DAY **(Column E).

Problem Here  
What i want to do Here 

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Can you explain in detail what you want in column F?

I need to track back **LEVEL **(Column F) from **DAY **(Column E).

@Edo You will have to be more specific than that.

For example, how does one arrive at 2.2 for day 1, or at 3.5 for day 2? Please provide some details



Can you upload the files here itself? The links you provided didn't work for me.