Is there a formula that tells a cell to use a font type based off the content in another cell?


Hello, I have a To Do list in excel, but I do not wish to use the checkbox option as it is a nightmare to manage when trying to remove a selected few. Instead I have chosen to type "y" for yes, "n" for no and "s" for started. In this example, I have typed them in Column K. I then created a Table and used the Filter formula to make the "y" appear as "P",  the "n" as "O" and the "s" as "Started" in Column L. 


I would like to further add to the formula to chose the Wingding2 font if "y" or "n" is typed in Column K, that way it appears as seen in Column N in the example below ("y" becomes a tick and "n" becomes an x, but "s" has no font change, it remains as my default, Century Gothic). 

PS, it would be a bonus to know that if I wish, I can add another font option like Wingdings2 and Webdings in the same formula. I would settle for the one if anything.


Is this possible?





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You cannot make a formula return two different fonts.

You could use the characters ✓✗ - they are available in Century Gothic.

I just did a search for the characters in Century Gothic but did not find the check mark or the x. Where/how do I use them as Century Gothic please?

As far as the formula goes, can it return one font? I am fine with one font if possible.

Ok as far as the Check Mark and X goes for Century Gothic, I found that I had to the Insert tab, go into Symbols, select Segoe UI Symbol under the Font drop list and then select Dingbats under the Subset drop list. There I could find the characters and they did not have conflict with the worksheet's Century Gothic font.


You can copy the characters from my previous reply and paste them into a cell.