is Microsoft Power Query for Excel available ad an add for my and my 365 subscription (mac)

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i have been an access user for years

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@joe-office You say you have Parallels. I run a virtual Windows machine (W10) on my Mac via Parallels. On it, I run the Excel for Windows version with full Power Query functionality. Power Query on Excel for Mac has rather limited functionality. You can't create or edit queries, but you can refresh certain queries that were created on a PC.

thanks for the reply.
parallels is not installed on my new machine.
i am looking for a NON parallels solution!
i am really looking to simply combine 2 spreadsheets. there has to be a more efficient way!

how do i install the Power Query on Excel for Mac ?
i'd love to check it out

@joe-office You can not run Power Query on Excel for Mac. You need to instal Excel for Windows on a virtual machine (Parallels, VMware or Bootcamp) if you want full functionality. 

@Riny_van_Eekelen thanks, unfortunately parallels does not seem to be working on my new mac mini - from what i am told,  it is not working with the m1 chip

i am trying to find workaround/solution that does not involve microsoft access


@joe-office Okay. I'm not much into chips. You wrote "i am really looking to simply combine 2 spreadsheets".


How simple is it then? Since you considered PQ and don't want to use Access.