Is it possible to use HLOOKUP and CHOOSE to get my answers from different rows?

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I have been meaning to ask if this formula works? 
AND if not what is the alternative if i stil wan to stick with using HLOOKUP?



Right now i get an Error: #REF!


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@UncleGene Try it this way:


Use a semicolon in the "CHOOSE list" for a horizontal lookup, and a comma for a vertical lookup.


Hi @UncleGene 


I do not see any mistake in your formula. I rebuilt the example based on your screenshot and it works fine for me. Attached please find my file, so you could compare with yours.


Hope this helps.

@DTE But you did use semi-colons between the curly brackets. @UncleGene used commas and that's why he got the #REF error.

yes, you are right. I did not notice the difference because I work on a German version, where I have to use semi-colons anyway