Is it possible to simplify the title bar?


I work in Excel and frequently need to move windows around my dual-monitor desktop. But the title bar is so loaded with stuff that Microsoft thinks I need (which I don't) that I am forced to make my windows wide so that there will be an unused area of the title that I can grab and move the window. I know there are altenative ways to move a window, but why should users be forced to use more complicated method?


Does MS Office have options that will allow me to configure the title bar so it looks like a "normal" window?


MS Office 365, Windows 10

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@perkin_warbeck Under File, Options, Customise Ribbon you can deselect ribbon tabs you don't need/want to see. Or within an individual Tab you can remove groups of commands.


Press Reset to to undo all customisations.

I'm new to Excel terminology, but the "title bar" (the strip across the top of the window) is not a "ribbon." The title bar is a windows feature. I want to customize it so that it looks like an ordinary Windows title bar with the application name (or document name) plus three buttons on the right side: minimize, maximize, and close.

@perkin_warbeck Did you find a solution? I have the exact same question for the exact same motives.

@Kohaku No, I am still struggling with it.  A narrow Excel workbook can simply not be moved without first enlarging it.  I guess Microsoft expects us to be working in fullscreen mode. 

@perkin_warbeck @Kohaku  The workaround I've found: Everything here with yellow beneath it will let you click/drag.  That's everything from file name through user icon.


If I shrink it down to the minimum size & still have something to drag, I end up with something like this:


If you're going narrower than that, I don't think there's an option, or not one I've found.

Also, on moving around the multiple monitors: if you have Windows 10 Pro or better, have a look at the window key shortcuts . I mostly use Window+Shift+Arrow to move things from one monitor to the other.