Is it possible to freeze panes for only a portion of a document?

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My excel document has two sections. I'd like to use freeze panes or similar to freeze the top 3 header rows for example but only up to row 50 in the document. From row 50, i'd like to stop freezing those rows and freeze rows 50-52 for the next section. Is this possible?

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Hi there,


There three kinds of freezing:

1 - Unfreeze Panes

2 - Freeze Top Row

3 - Freeze First Column

Please see the following picture:




I think you can use Split Command (View Tab) .







@Doppk simple answer: no.  I would recommend making each section a different sheet and then you could add navigation buttons/links to jump to each.  So scroll to bottom of section 1 and click button and it takes you to section 2 (on sheet 2).  You can even have buttons to go the other way or a whole index.

Hello @Doppk,


Alternatively, you could create a new window from the same document and arrange each window to the sections that you would like to view.