Is it possible to define a function with no argument by LAMBDA?


In Excel, we have functions with no argument such as PI(), RAND(), NOW().


However, it seems that we cannot define such a function by LAMBDA.


I tried in a cell `=LAMBDA(,4)()` (and expected 4 as return value), it raised a warning "You've entered too few arguments for this function".


Why cannot we define a function with no argument by LAMBDA?

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Yes, it seems to be possible.  e.g. given a named reference 'x'


returns x+1.


returns a #CALC! error.


If you name the Lambda function INCx then the same results are obtained for




respectively.  I think I have read of such functions being referred to as 'thunks' and would be used to pass a resource-intensive operation as a parameter without evaluating it before the result is needed.


The possibility of defining and testing for an optional parameter is being rolled out.


Indeed, it is possible, thank you.


With latest lambdas edition your sample could be like


which returns 4. You have no arguments but have optional parameter.

Good to know... Thank you...

@Tie CHENG You can actually do it just like you wanted, you just have to type the result directly, this means that:


=LAMBDA(4)() does return 4, and if you attach a parameter to it, it returns #VALUE