Is it posible to copy the selection box for multiple lines?

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I have an excel file with more then 2000 orders.

When an order is finished, i click on the selection box at the end of the row, 

I would like to see the total amount that the orders have.

The formula i already have, but i would like to know if a can copy the selection box so that it will automatic link with the right cell, or do i have to manualy link every selection box to the right cell?

I hope i've made myself clear, english is not my native language.

Thank you

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You have hidden column D which is a part of your calculation, making it hard to see exactly what you're doing.


My own reaction to your question is to wonder WHY you are bothering with a selection box in the first place. Why not just enter a "Y" or some other single key stroke? Granted the selection box is fun, but it seems like overkill for this particular application.