Invoice Line Items to one row with columns by invoice

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Not the greatest in Excel, so I need help taking one table and incorporating into another existing table with other information based on company name with a column for each module.  I hope the tables below clear up the confusion.  


Table with modules row by row:

Client NameModule Name
Company 1Module 1
Company 1Module 3
Company 2Module 3
Company 3Module 1
Company 3Module 2


Desired outcome in existing table:

Client NameModule 1Module 2Module 3
Company 1YNY
Company 2NNY
Company 3YYN



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@standard139 If you can live with 1's and 0's in stead of Y and N, a pivot table would be the easiest. See attached. If you insist on returning Y and N, it will be a bit more sophisticated.


Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 14.42.52.png

Thanks for the reply. I can live with the 1 and 0, but how would I then incorporate the results from the pivot into the existing table that I have that has one row per company with existing data I need to keep?
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@standard139 Do you mean you want to insert the outcome of the pivot table into an existing table elsewhere? If so, see attached (G1 : I4)