Inventory List with Reorder Highlighting Template Error

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I am using the online Excel template titled "Inventory list with reorder highlighting." I've customized it by renaming, reordering and adding columns, and as a result the automatic highlighting feature is no longer working. This feature is designed to analyze three columns in the worksheet ("Quantity in Stock," "Reorder Level," and "Discontinued?") and highlight the row if the "quantity in stock" number is less than the "reorder level" number. It will also add a flag at the far left side of the spreadsheet. The formula for highlighting reads:


=IFERROR(([@[Quantity in Stock]]<=[@[Reorder Level]])*([@[Discontinued?]]="")*valHighlight,0)


I've tried to reassign the formula to the relocated cells but I can't get it to work. You can see the attached spreadsheets of the template and my edited sheet for reference.


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