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Hi There,

Some background: We perform Asset Management functions for our department which means working from a particular excel database, manually copying and pasting information from there into an inventory list, printing out that list and then checking the items, coming back to the office and updating the database again which is very time consuming.


If the whole process could be automated:

  1. from populating the inventory sheet from the excel database,
  2. electronically checking and updating the inventory sheet rather than printing it and doing it manually,
  3. and then saving; printing and emailing the inventory sheet via push of a button for records keeping purposes
  4. to finally updating the database again via the inventory sheet again.

Would really appreciate some assistance in this regard.

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@Mo_Rne Why not use the web version of Excel? You can collaborate with other users in real-time, so there's no need for emailing different versions back and forth.


Regarding all the copy/pasting, that's generally unnecessary. If you're trying to have different views of the data, just create a PivotTable. When you update your database, just refresh the PivotTable to see the latest data.



I have been working on automating an inventory system and have had some issues in regards to connecting the spreadsheets.  Is this something that you are able to help with? @Mo_Rne