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I want a way to input data fast depending on what data I have available.

A1+100=B1 <---> B1-100=A1

So if I happen to have A1 it will auto calculate into B1 cell but,
If i have B1 I want it to autocalculate into A1 without erasing the formulas and remaining interchanging should I change the value in A1 it will change the value in B1 regardless of what the intial input is.

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If only 1 value is available, (i.e. Either A or B), then you could try

Hope this works
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@Towery88 I think that is not possible.

You can not have 2 way formulas.

I mean, you can have, but it will lead to Circular Referencing and could lead to more errors.

Unless you are sure, how to use Circular Referencing and Iterations, avoid it.