Inserting Single Observation Data into page with Multiple Observations

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Hi all,

I am currently trying to insert data on local authority income into the top table. My issue is I have multiple observations for each local authority (as seen in top picture) so cannot just copy and paste the two columns. For example, for each 'Barking and Dagenham' observation I would like 2 columns for income 2019 and 2022 each reading £27,104 and £30,006 respectively. I would just copy and paste across and drag down but I have so many local authorities that it doesn't seem feasible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated please!


Many thanks!


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If I'm understanding what you're seeking, the VLOOKUP function (or any of many variations on that classic Excel function, also available at the page I've linked to) would give that to you. Something like

=VLOOKUP(B2,incometable,2,0), where

  • B2 is the column in your first table;
  • you replace incometable with whatever the range is in the second, where those income values reside,
  • 2 is the offset, and 0 just means "exact" -- see the link above for the syntax of VLOOKUP

By the way, =VLOOKUP(B2,incometable,3,0) would be used to get the second income value, the offset being to the third column.


If you want further help in implementing that, please post a copy of your actual spreadsheet(s) on OneDrive or GoogleDrive and paste a link here. Images are useful to a certain extent, but the actual files more useful.

Thank you for your help!

Unfortunately I am still struggling and getting an error message:!AnEdQzIOtw1WgY42WqxuKnZgkBc5dw?e=LWbTYq
This is the link to the data.

Many thanks!
Unfortunately, that link only reveals one worksheet, that being the one you depicted first in your original post. Where is the "local authority income" data?