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I know this is a very basic question but I can't find the answer in the documentation. I often want to insert a bunch of rows at a time. Currently I just do it one at a time but I would like to do something like insert 10 rows or more all at once in an existing sheet. 

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Select the appropriate number of cells below the cell you want to insert rows. Press Ctrl+Plus sign (+), then press R, and click OK.

@Twifoo  Thanks, that seems to work for inserting 1 row but what I was wondering is if there is a way to  insert more than one row at a time?   I'm using the spreadsheet to model a simulation where each row is an event in the simulation and then I have summary statistics below the last row in the simulation. As I'm fleshing out the simulation  I want to add a bunch more rows below the current last row and above the summary statistics. Rather than doing insert one row 20 times I would like (if possible) to insert 20 rows all at once. 

@Twifoo Sorry, I was being dense. Now I get it. When I select multiple rows it inserts the same number of rows, that's what I needed, thanks for the help.

You’re welcome.

I didn't get it. The method mentioned above just inserts one row below each of the rows I have selected respectively. I'm wondering how to insert multiple rows only below exactly the row I have selected.@mdebellis 

Here is how I do it, in a bit more detail. (There are probably other ways to do it)
1) Select the row that you want to add rows above or below
2) Use control left click to select the number of rows you want to add. For example, suppose you have a spreadsheet with 10 rows and you want to add 5 more rows after row 5. Select row 5 then select rows 6-10.
3) Right click (making sure rows 5-10 are still selected) and then select Insert. It should insert 5 new rows below row 5.
I'm using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019. I think it might behave different from your excel due to version difference.