Inserting a table from another sheet when selecting from a drop down.

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Is there a way to have a drop down of several options at the top of one sheet that when you select an option it will insert the table from another sheet that corresponds to that option?

I am trying to create a sheet that can be copied over and over with some constant information that does not change at the top and when an option is selected it inserts information at the bottom for that option. This way I only have to create information for each option once and can simply change the table with the drop down menu.

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Hi @RichCMS 


there are several options, depending on the structure and size of your tables and on your Excel version.


One option could be a VLOOKUP.

If you use Microsoft 365/Office 365, then you could also use the new FILTER function.

Or you could use Power Query, which takes the value of the dropdown field as a selection/filter criteria.