Insert variables into an Exel document

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Hello community,


I was sent here from the normal microsoft community with my problem or issue.


I wanted to to insert variables from a word document or another exel dokument and insert them into a kind of big master exel table.

So I have informations like name, age, job and other information in the word dokuments and I want to take these informations and transfer them over into my master exel table, so that when you change any of the data inside the word dokument it gets also changed in the exel table.

How is this possible? I didn't work too much with office, so I have no idea if and/or how this could be done.






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Hi Dennis,


You can link Word data into Excel worksheet and vice versa by using copy and paste as links.

Please watch this video to see that.

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.