Insert the numbers of a table in the last row of a different table (no VB)

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Is there a formula that can put the numbers in a table in the last row of the different table? (no VB) 

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You could help us help you by being more complete in the descriptions of:

  • the source table
    • the nature of "the numbers" in that source table
    • the number of numbers
    • their nature (as formulas themselves, or simply as data points)
    • the static or dynamic nature of the table (and the numbers therein) 
  • the receiving ("different" was your word) table
    • whether it's dynamic or static in composition
    • what it's rows and columns represent and how those relate to the source table
  • and anything else that would help understand the task you're trying to achieve 


Automatically identify titles and paste them from one table to the last empty row of another table



First of all, those data elements are not being pasted into "the last empty row of another table";

  • it's not the last row
  • those are not tables


That said, you could in those smaller formatted regions, pull data from the table in the upper left of your screen by using FILTER or one of the LOOKUP formulas.


But before we get into those possible solutions, why don't we back up still further and get you to describe:

  • where that first source table is coming from
  • what those secondary areas are all about, how they'll be used etc.


You really need to do some more work in setting for the full business process here, the larger context in which you are seeking to use Excel. And then we can do some designing to make optimum use of Excel's abilities. What you're doing so far looks more like an attempt to take a process that might work on paper and simply transfer it over to Excel; but that often is not the best way to use Excel.


My English is not very good, so I gave a simple example, but now that I show the main sheet

The third and fourth columns from the right is subject


There is a cash word in this photo and I want to use these numbers in the daily registration table, and when I record the purchase and arrival of goods in the warehouse in the table above, they are identified based on the words and in Cardex ( i don't know what you call that , maybe "inventory" )with this header, for example Cardex Methane inventory is recorded automatically.

This is a simple and basic example of my cardex






Your English a far far better than my Arabic, so no need to apologize.


That spreadsheet, however, is not designed to facilitate the neat extraction of data from it to another spot. You've set it up (or somebody else set it up) with blank black rows between entities, and variable numbers of rows between those artificial dividers, and inconsistent use of the rows to begin with. A well designed datable uses one row per record.


So my question to you is how much flexibility there is to redesign the whole process?


Let me encourage you to spend some time understanding Excel Tables