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Hi everyone, 

I need some assistance please with an IF formula.   

If cell Q2 has a value of "Full" then populate "Full".  Else, concatenate C2&D2&E2&F2&G2&H2&I2. What I need help with is inserting semi colons between C2, D2, etc. 


Here is my formula so far: 


It ends up looking like this: PropertyManagementPropertyManagementPropertyManagementProperty 


It works beautifully except the values for C2&D2&E2&F2&G2&H2&I2 need to be separated by semi colons. I tried modifying my formula to this, but it is not recognizing it: 



In my spreadsheet it displays the entire formula as text. Any thoughts? 

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Does this return the intendend result? 

Yes it does - thank you so much!