Insert table1 from sheet1 to another table2 in sheet2

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Hello all,

First I have made the same question to forums ozgrid  and mrexcel.

The situation is:

I have a table in Sheet1 that with VBA code collects data from other sheets.
I need the values from that table to be inserted in Table2 in another sheet in order to use that table2 for calculations. I only need the value of PCS
I tried [@PCS] etc but no luck.
The formulas are ready at Table2.
The very best will be this be done in VBA in order to fully work on MacOS

Please find attached the sample file
If you can help I will appreciate!

Thank you in advance,

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Going to that link reveals a two-tabbed worksheet that is for all intents and purposes empty. I see two cells with something in them, D17 and F17, the latter containing a simple formula. Kind of hard to help indication, actually, of what you refer to as Table 1 and Table 2.
You'll need to offer more help to us, if you expect us to help you....
You are totally correct!
My mistake, and finally I solved it by using PowerBuilder!

Thank you very much for the reply