Insert simbols and another values in high quantity of cells already with values

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Hi everyone,


I'm processing some data on excell.


I have 2 874x12 (rows x columns) tables of the same samples, and i want to add the values from table 2 of the same sample to table 1 with one simbol between the values.

Both tables have the values in this fromat "1.346172908" and i used the function (decrease decimal places) to present like this "1.3".

The final cell format that i want is "1.3 + 0.9".

Being "1.3" the value from table 1, "0.9" from table 2 and add the "+" simbol.


Can you help me? I'm struck in this because i don't know how to do it in few steps, otherwise i will do it cell to cell... and spend several hours.



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Hi @DanielR7 


You can use the &operator,

=A1&" + "&B1




@Jihad Al-Jarady 

Thank you for the answer! It works well, but when i do that i can't use the function to reduce decimal places. I get the two values and the simbol, but with long numbers. You know why?




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It's because you need to define a cut-off point for the decimals. Your adjusted formula would be:


=ROUND(P6,1)&" + "&ROUND(AJ3,1)



Another option is to use TEXT function - Office Support ( , with it you may apply any desired format to numbers.


Once you use the & operator, you change it to text.
So, If you still want to do any calculation on it, do it within the formula as Adversi mentioned

@adversi Thanks!!! I works well and it's exactly what i want!!!




Hi there,


Please round Function before each Cell Address:




Please also note attached file .


I hope it will help you.