Insert date shortcut (CTRL + ;) not working

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Hi all,


For some reason the shortcut to insert todays date will not work on my laptop. I am using the most recent version of excel and just reinstalled it and it still will not work.


This is the only shortcut that is having issues. CTRL+V, CTRL+C, and the rest works. Even CTRL+SHIFT+; works and correctly puts the current time. 


A note of interest is that when CTRL+; is done on text, it highlights it blue as similar to a hyperlink. It doesn't actually do anything though and doesn't just put the date as it should. 


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Might be worth displaying the on-screen keyboard while you press the keyboard shortcut keys to see if Windows is even registering them when pressed.
I have tried that and it shows it does. Even manually entering it won't work on the virtual won't work
Hi,i have the same problem, if i want to dispaly the date with this shortcut, only 3 dots are displayed like this "...". if i want to display time with shortcut (Ctrl and dot but i am not sure...) also 3 dots.

thanks for your help.

Gilles from France, Grenoble.
Sorry mistake: the shortcut for time (CTRL +: ) is working.
"Ctrl + . " display 3 dots.

@AndrewMcclure I have the same issue, is there any update on this thread ? 


the shortcut work properly in Safe mode! any reasons? how can this be fixed to work in normal mode ?


[Ctrl] + ; for Date & [Ctrl] + : for Time work as expected in "normal" mode with:


What worked for me was running the installer and click on repair rather than install. True it wasnt 365 but office 2019 or 2021.