insert date cell into formula as a cell Reference

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i want to use cell with date,ex. (12/12/2023),in many formulas and do not want to type it over again, as they  may be referenced many time in each formula

I have tried using , (= cell reference) in many ways but nothing works

any suggestions

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Can you please post one of the formulas that does not work?
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@Marty927  Give the cell with 'the date' a name like "myDate". Then you can reference to that name in any formula without having to worry about the actual cell reference where the date sits.


So you could just enter =myDate and the date will pop up. Or =IF(A1> myDate, 1, 2)


More about named ranges here:

I removed the leading=
IF(C572<=NOW(),"",(SUMIFS('Open Positions'!$E$3:$E$191,'Open Positions'!$B$3:$B$191,A572,'Open Positions'!$A$3:$A$191,"<=12/15/23"))*E572)
For clarity I want to make 12/15/23 a cell reference, in this case B572 as is A572 and E572

@Marty927 Enter the date in any empty cell and name it "myDate". . Then replace "<=12/15/23" in the formula with "<=" & myDate


Thank you
The 2nd reply works great ("<="&Mydate) with my date as cell reference
Wish I knew this 3 years ago :):)

@Marty927 Glad you figured that out after 3 years. Could have come here sooner :)

I'm retired so it was a way to keep brain busy, until it became annoying
maybe next time