Input the same value (variable) in different places


I have a few cells where the user inputs a value, which is then used in formulas. Like variables.

Is there a way to input the same values in different places (worksheets)? (If possible without VBA).


See the example attached. A table with formulas in "Calc" that refer to 2 variables in "Var".

In both sheets "Report 1" and "Report 2" I would like to let the user input values for the same variables a and b (yellow cells).

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@bartvana , in case the expectation is that the multiple input entry cells can each contain their own values and only latest of them to be considered in calc, then i'm afraid VBA is the only way as far as i know. It can be done using the selection change event of the worksheets. I hope someone in the community should be able to help you with the code.

However, if the expectation is that at a time only one if the entry cells must be filled and that to be registered as final input (i.e. multiple entries not allowed together) then this can be managed easily using some IF or ISBLANK formulas. Example worksheet is attached.

Looking at the ques. it seems though that you're looking for simultaneous entry case and latest entry value to be considered. Is that so?

Yes, I'd like "linked" cells somehow, so that if you change one of the input cells, the others follow and vice versa. I suspected it would need VBA. Thanks for answering!