Input style in custom number formatted cell seconds.milliseconds possible?

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I want to custom my number format as



But when I input my time in my cell as seconds.hundreths, it returns nothing.


One way it worked was for me to input my time as minutes(0):seconds.hundreths.


Is there not a way for me to only enter the desired data, as seconds.hundreths? Bypassing the 0minutes:...


Also, I've seen in some custom fields the symbol @ at the end of it : what does that stands for?


Thank you.

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Excel isn't great with entering times less than a second. I would enter the seconds as ordinary numbers and then when I need to do math with them, divide by (24*60*60) to convert them to "Excel time". Excel holds time as a fraction of an entire day: the number 1 equals 24 hours equals 24*60 minutes equals 24*60*60 seconds.

@Thomas Littzen 


Interestingly, the ss.00 notation works in the latest version of Office 365 (screenshot attached) - what version of Excel are you in?


The @ symbol is simply a text placeholder.


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