Inporting PDF files into Excell

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Does anyone know how to import a PDF file (a form) into Excell?  I's desperately trying to find a way to adjust the margins in a PDF file and this was suggested as one way to do it.  Many thanks/Cece

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As far as I know, the option is only available in Excel from Office 365

(version with subscription and in the foreseeable future with a high degree of probability to all subscription versions).

When you have the version,

go to Get Data / From File / From PDF / From PDF in the Data tab.

Select the file that contains the data to be imported.

Add a PDF to your Office file


Alternatively, if you don't have the version, you can use a third-party converter tool to convert the PDF file to an Office file format, make the changes, and then save the file back in PDF format. You can purchase a PDF converter from the Office Store.

You can also use Adobe Acrobat. See Adobe Acrobat for more information.


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Thank you for your response.  I will try out your suggestions.  Yes, this is very helpful.  Thank you again, C/