Inerface for viewing specific data from a table

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I have a very big table that gets added to, and changed regularly.


I want to know if there is a way to do an interface similar to a pivot table, where I can filter one or more specific rows and columns and show me the information in those cells, where I'm able to edit the entry without having to scroll through the whole table to find what I'm looking for.


Ideally I would like the "Interface" to be on a separate sheet to the table with all the data on it


Not sure if this is possible, thanks for any advice

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If your data are in a table, the headers (field names) should already have filter drop down arrows.

If not, click in any of the headers of your data and select Sort & Filter > Filter on the home tab of the ribbon.

You can easily use the filter arrows to sort and filter the data. When you're done, select Sort & filter > Clear to show all data again.