INDIRECTO Function with Drop down list and NUMBERS

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I want to create 3 dependient list. The first one is the list "TIPO" (Green), the seconds are the list in blue and the third are the lists in red.



With the first list I want to select the type of cylinder, with the second one the bore diameter size for this types of cylinder and with the third one the career available for one type of cylinder with a specific bore diameter.


First I create the first list in one cell. (Type of pneumatics cylinders)

Second I use the function INDIRECTO to create dependient list.  (Bore diameters)

Third I want to create another dependent list. (Career) but the problem is that I'm using numbers and I can not use a number for a range name. And I need a number because after select all I do a filter to find the different elements in the data base.



Does someone know how to create that ?



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