Indirect Function - Referencing Table Columns

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I know you can use the INDIRECT function to reference a cell from a different worksheet...




...But I'm wondering if you can use it to reference a column heading in a named table from a different worksheet? I think the syntax would look something like this...


INDIRECT("'" & Table name? &"' &[Column name])


... Where the table name is text and the column name is a cell reference.  However, I can't quite get it to work.  Any suggestions, internet?  


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That's like

INDIRECT( TableName & "[" & ColumnName & "]")
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@Sergei Baklan Thank you!  I also needed to put the name of the table in quotes so this ended up being the final syntax...


INDIRECT( "TableName" & "[" & ColumnName & "]") 



TableName and ColumnName could be references to cells, named cells, simply texts. If you consider first as text when INDIRECT("TableName[" & ColumnName & "]").