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Hello community!! 


I have two excel sheets, in one I have descriptions that correspond to different codes and in the other in the description it says "No description in english"


Where it says "No description in english", I should index the description of the second excel. 


The descriptions should be indexed according to the right code. 


I have been days trying to solve this with no success. I would highly apprecciate your support! 


I attached an excel sheet so that it is more clear. 


Thank you!!!!

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You may try one of these formulas in D2 on first sheet...

=IF(C2="No description in english",IFERROR(INDEX(Hoja2!D:D,MATCH(B2,Hoja2!B:B,0)),""),C2)


=IF(C2="No description in english",IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B2,Hoja2!B:D,3,0),""),C2)

and copy the formula down the rows.


You may construct your formula in Hoja1!C2, like this: