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I try to have returned the value coming most closeley to the value in the matrix:

Specifically, I try to define an insulation thickness of the pipe, depending on diameter and operating temperature :



How can I define the formular so that a thickness is defined, if the operating value does not exactly match any of the values of the matrix, but is between two of them?

example: if Ø508 and Temp. 380, the vlaue to be returned should be 180


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Maybe with this formula as shown in the attached file.

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Hi@Helmut0806 ,

If you order the values in ascending order, I can think of a solution in two steps: list intermediate values, and search them with HLOOKUP.


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First solution helped already; it was the "-1" missing


-1 returns next smaller item, not the closest one. If you are 365 or 2021 that could be like

=XLOOKUP( 0, ABS( $B$17 - $B$3:$B$14),  XLOOKUP(0,ABS(B16-$C$2:$L$2),$C$3:$L$14,,1),,1 )



or its equivalent for previous Excel versions.