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I have made a file with an INDEX-formula to get information from another file. The problem is that the results don't update unless I select the formula, press enter and select the file to get information from. Weird thing is that said file has to be open for information to show up, but it is giving older results. I have to do this for each row of results seperately as well. Even though their results come from the same file. Is there an easier way to make those results update? I have the calculations on automatic already and the F9-combinations don't work either.


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Check out the possible reasons why the Excel formulas are not automatically updating here:

  1. Your calculation is configured to “Manual”.
  2. The Show formulas button is activated
  3. The cell is formatted as text
  4. You entered a space in front of the equal sign.


1.1 Your calculation is configured to “Manual”.

Converting: Go to File -> Options -> Formulas -> Calculation Options section -> under Workbook Calculation -> Select


2.1 The Show formulas button is activated

If the above solution doesn't work for you, check that the Show Formulas button is enabled on the Formulas tab. It doesn't really have to be, otherwise you would see the formulas instead of the values.


3.1 The cell is formatted as text

Click the cell, then on the Home tab, click the Count tab if it shows text and change it to General. Up to version 2016 go to cell, right mouse button, format cells ..., set counting to standard or number (depending on your wishes).


4.1 You entered a space in front of the equal sign.

Check the circular reference as it can be another reason that prevents Excel formulas from updating.

The circular reference is a formula that includes itself in its calculation or refers to another cell that depends on itself.


Space Entered in front of the equal sign – add info

This is the last solution where the Excel formulas will not update automatically.

Now, while entering formula, if you accidentally put a space before “Equal (=)” then the formula will not be calculated.

This bug is quite difficult and difficult to notice and has not been identified.

Double click the cell and see if there is a space and delete it. The formula is updated.

The formula tips given will work for you, and the problem is now resolved.


If the given options do not solve your problem, I recommend that you provide more detailed information.

Here is a link:

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