Index Match Match not returning expected results, referencing structured Table columns

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Hi Everyone,


I've been looking at this so long with no success and I think I just need a fresh set of eyes/another opinion so I would appreciate any input you may have.  I'm using Office 365.


I've used Power Query to give me the table below, which is named Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial:



I'm using an index match match formula to pull that data into a separate tab of the same workbook  with this formula

=(IFERROR(INDEX(Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial[[Amount]:[Amount]],MATCH('Program Revenues-Schools'!$B10,Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial[[Account Description]:[Account Description]],0),MATCH('Program Revenues-Schools'!D$5,Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial[[Fund No.]:[Fund No.]],0)),0))


That formula works for only the first "fund" in that table even though my formula is referencing that entire fund column.   I say this because it won't work for any other fund in the list and if I change the sort on that original table so that the fund is descending instead of ascending, it won't even pick up fund 001-0000.  Everything is formatted the same, "general" and if you look at column I, fund 006-0000 is definitely in the original data table.  It's like the reference range is only looking at a limited number of rows in the table and I can't see where the error in my INDEX formula is.  Any help would be appreciated!






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=IFERROR(INDEX(Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial[[amount]:[amount]],MATCH(1,($B10=Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial[[account description]:[account description]])*(D$5=Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial[[fund no.]:[fund no.]]),0)),"")

You can try this formula which returns the expected result in my sheet.

=IFERROR(INDEX(Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial[amount],MATCH(1,($B10=Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial[account description])*(D$5=Revenue___Expense_GRNP_Trial[fund]),0)),"")

This is shorter and works as well.


fund no. account description amount.JPG

I've entered the formula in cell D10 and draged across range D10:I15. Enter the formula with ctrl+shift+enter if you don't work with Office365 or 2021.