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I been looking for a couple of hours for this solution and I came across with lots of people having the same issue as me but their formulas was way complicate for me to understand.


I have my list with names and then each of them has a score A2:A13 for the names B2:B13 for the scores.

then I have another list with everyone organized by their Score.


The problem I have is that I don't want to see duplicate names, I understand that match don't work for this. but still cant figure it out how.


i used this to get the scores in order




to get the names in order i used this on the first one




 and for the second to the 12th name





any idea how to make it to no have the duplicate names?scores.jpg

Thank you!

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@alejoalexo Since you tag your question with Excel for Web, why not look into more modern functions at your disposal?





A2:B13 contains the Names and Scores

SORT( -----, 2, -1) sorts the array by the 2nd column (Score) in descending order (i.e -1)


Thank you so much! funny how simple it was, once again thanks!



An alternative could be this formula.