Index+Match+Large Function returning Duplicate Values

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Current Formula: "Donates to "&INDEX($B$1:$K$1,MATCH(LARGE(B2:K2,1),B2:K2,0))&", "&INDEX($B$1:$K$1,MATCH(LARGE(B2:K2,2),B2:K2,0))&", and "&INDEX($B$1:$K$1,MATCH(LARGE(B2:K2,3),B2:K2,0))&" related causes."


If there are two+ values with the same amount in the top three, the formula will return the first alphabetical value twice. I'm trying to output this into a sentence for our end users. Is there any way for the formula to not repeat a values?

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@griffinursin assuming you have Office365 i suggest the following formula to get the top 3:

="Donates to "&TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,INDEX(SORT($B$1:$K2,ROW(),-1,TRUE),1,{1,2,3}))&" related causes."


here is another option:

="Donates to "&TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,FILTER($B$1:$K$1,$B2:$K2>=LARGE($B2:$K2,3),"no"))&" related causes."

the advantage of this option is if #3 is a tie then this option will include those others also but this one is not sorted in order of greatest to least in the output list.