Index Match From another Sheet




I have attached a file where I have to bring some cell value from another sheet using Index/Match Function. 



Can anyone help me regarding this!


Thanks in Advance!

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@najim_uddin Clearly, you are working on an assignment, an Excel proficiency test or some kind of exam that is giving you points per task. Yesterday, 6 points for COUNTIF and SUMIF and one of the members here did the work for you. Today, 6 points for INDEX and MATCH. May I suggest  that you work this out on your own by looking in the MS support documentation and/or other on-line resources. 

@Riny_van_Eekelen, actually, i am doing a job. its not assignment purpose. I am learning from YouTube, where i found a link for practice. Yesterday, one of the members suggested, COUNTIF but that doesn't work. As i am using MS-EXCEL 13 version, cant using the FILTER and SORT options too. You can check my previous posts also.
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@najim_uddin Try following formula and drag down and across as needed.



Thanks @Harun24HR, it works but can you please explain why you added COLUMN(A$1), in the last? I tried several times without COLUMN(A$1).

I have added COLUMN(A$1) to make column reference dynamic for INDEX() function so that you can just drag the formula for right columns. You can use =INDEX(Data!$B:$B,MATCH($B9,Data!$A:$A,0)) without COLUMN(A$1) but in this case you have to use 3 formula for 3 different column like, =INDEX(Data!$B:$B,MATCH($B9,Data!$A:$A,0)), =INDEX(Data!$C:$C,MATCH($B9,Data!$A:$A,0)), =INDEX(Data!$D:$D,MATCH($B9,Data!$A:$A,0))
Thanks, for enlightening me!!
Many thx for posting that. It was a big help!