Index Match duplicate return

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Hi Guys,


i have trawled the internet to get this working to no luck, i am a novice at this.


I want to create a leader board excel which i am going use in multiple ways for work.


i have managed to get an index match to return most of what i need it to, but i want to avoid duplicate return names.


where am i going wrong, please can someone help me?   


Thank you in advance




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Which version of Excel do you have / do you need to support?


A not so helpful solution might be to ditch whatever version of Excel you currently us and switch to 365.  Then the formula could be

= SORTBY(HSTACK(name,total),total,-1)
i am using office 365

@Peter Bartholomew 


I cant seem to get this to give me any results, just #spill!


I should also explain i have another formula to create the leader board aswell.


i have a feeling i have over complicated this




I am not sure why you should get a spill error unless you are trying to place the result in a table or copy/fill the formula down (the bottom one should still work in the latter case). 

Maybe start by trying

= SORTBY(name, total,-1)