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I need to determine whether or not data in one column matches data in another of a different workbook. If it does not match then I would like the result to be corresponding data not a "yes" or "no". For example  from sheet 1 (which is where I would need the formula)  I need to know if the "days allocated" is the same as "days allocated" on sheet 2 for the corresponding position number. The position numbers on both sheets are not in the same order so I would need it to be dynamic . Eg Position number 1234 is 100 on sheet 1 but 2 on sheet 2 so I would need the result of the formula to be 2. Position number 1240 is 30 on both so the result could be "yes". I tried an index and match with an IF but I don't know how to return the answer to be the corresponding "days allocated" info. I hope this makes sense. I am using Excel 2016

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@robywoo I would personally favour a helper column to determine the value from Sheet2 and then check it against the value in Sheet1, but you could do an "All-in-one" formula, but it repeats the INDEX/MATCH part.

See attached.