Index Function Problem


The following formula returns the required result


where the value in G7 is provided by:


and the value in G5 is provided by:


Both of the following also return the required result:



However. the following results in #REF!



Is it not possible to use a MATCH function to supply both the column number and row number for the INDEX function

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The third parameter of MATCH() is not a range but a 0, 1 or -1.


Thanks, Detlef.

For some strange reason, the stand-alone MATCH functions were returning the expected result with the third parameter as shown.

However by deleting that parameter, it was then possible to incorporate the MATCH functions into the INDEX function and obtain the desired result.


Strange. Are you on pre-DA Excel? When perhaps implicit intersection works for the parameter in standalone function.

Hi Sergei,
I am using 64-bit Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise Version 2203 (Build 15028.20201 Click-to-Run) Current Channel.