INDEX and MATCH to find max from specific year

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Good morning,


I'm having trouble with extracting the region that records the most sales for the "Furniture", "Office Supplies" and "Technology" only for the year 2015 using INDEX() and MATCH().

I have a tabel with the regions and years as rows and the category as columns (please refer screenshot).

My best attempt is:

=INDEX(Y13:Y31, MATCH(MAX(AA14,AA19,AA24,AA29),AA13:AA31,0))

It has loads of workarounds, the worst one being the first matrix (Y13:Y31), because the actual regions from the tabel are in Z12, Z17, Z22 and Z27. Y13:Y31 is an extra row to the left of the tabel.


I would greatly appreciate help.

Regards Tim

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Is this what you are looking for? I have to enter formula with ctrl+shift+enter. The year can be entered in cell D24 in my example.


As variant

  INT( ( MATCH( MAX(($Z$13:$Z$31=Z34)*$AA$13:$AA$31),
           -1 ) / 5 )+1,
  $Y$14,$Y$19,$Y$24,$Y$29 )