Index and Match between two dates

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I run several holiday lets and need to keep a count on laundry that is taken off the beds at each clean.


I have managed to get it to return ID no 35 on 25/08/23 but there was two cleans this day and its only giving me one ID number.


This information is being pulled from a full list of every linen change.
I also want it to search for a whole week so between the two dates from Fri to Thur 25/08/23 to 31/08/23. Can any one help as I've never used this function before and my excel is a little rusty.
Thank you

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Do you have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021? If so, you can use the FILTER function:


=FILTER('Cov-War Laundry'!A5:K1000, 'Cov-War Laundry'!E5:E1000=C1, "")


Or for a week:


=FILTER('Cov-War Laundry'!A5:K1000, ('Cov-War Laundry'!E5:E1000>=C1)*('Cov-War Laundry'!E5:E1000<=C2), "")


Adjust the ranges if necessary.