Increase size of Evaluate Formula Dialog Box

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The Dialog box should be resizeable - it a must for long formulas.




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Might I offer a suggestion? From the looks of that formula, just the small part that appears in your screen capture, it could be a case study in the kind of formula that can be written, but should NOT be. The textbooks on Excel all warn against llllloooonnnnngggg formulas because they become unintelligible, even to their original creator, and therefore more error prone and difficult to maintain even if they work when first created.


You'd be far better served by breaking this into several steps, doing the internal evaluations (formulas) with clear results at each stage along the way, maybe hiding the columns (or rows) containing the intermediate "helper" formulas. Rare is the case where that's not possible, and it makes for much greater clarity.


Such feedbacks better to publish on feedback portal Excel · Community ( , Microsoft monitors it.


This particular request exists for years. Microsoft makes dialog boxes resizable one by one, but formula evaluate is still postponed. You may add your vote here

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Make the Evaluate Formula dialog bigger · Community (


More votes - more chances it'll be done faster.