Incorrect date format when using text to columns

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I have a problem sorting by date, i tried the Cell Format thing and also the Text to Columns to identify cells as Date cells , but nothing worked still cells are sorted incorrectly.


Anyone can help and tell me how it gonna work?




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Some of these dates are texts, the rest are dates but I don't think they're as you think!


For example, the first date: (5/11/2017 3:00), maybe you consider it (5/Nov/2017), but it's actually (11/May/2017)!


In this case, there is no better than the Flash Fill!

Fortunately, you're using the Excel 2013 that first introduced this feature!


To fix these dates, do the following:

  1. Insert a column next to the column C.
  2. In cell D2 type: 11/5/2017.
  3. Do the same thing in cell D3 and D4.
  4. In cell D5 press Ctrl+E.


You will get a result like this screenshot:

Flash Fill.png



Text to Column also works if ignore the time. Split column by space, on the third step select MDY for first column and skip another one.


Result could be placed at the same column or copied to another one