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I'm not sure on all the correct terminology so please bear with me.

I have a combo box used to select a variety of lists - we'll call this the "master combo".  That all works fine.  I select from the drop down and I get the desired list displayed.

However, all but 1 of the lists that the "master combo" selects has combo boxes as well - we'll call these the "secondary" boxes.  I want the "Secondary" combo boxes to show up as part of the list so the user can make further selections.  Currently when the lists with "secondary" boxes are chosen, where the secondary boxes are supposed to be are simply "0"'s.

Any thoughts? 

Let me know if this is unclear.

Thanks in advance!


**Allow me to add and hopefully I can get some feedback.

Sheet 1 is my user selection sheet.  Sheet 2 is the tables/values sheet.

The "master combo" box is on sheet 1.  When the user makes a selection from the master combo, I'm using an IF statement to reference a linked cell which then places the selected table directly below this "master combo" box.  These tables, lists, are on Sheet 2. 

These tables contain anywhere from 2 items to 20 items incrementing by 2.  (so 10 options total)

The 2 item table is easy, it contains just top and bottom.  Every other selection has top and bottom and selectable options for in between.  For example, the 4 option has top/selection/selection/bottom.

The places where there is a selection is another combo box, the "secondary" combo boxes.


Is there a way to get those secondary combo boxes to appear on Page 1 when the list they are in is selected in the "master combo" box?

Hope the additional helps.



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Here you go:

(See attached file below)




Thanks for the file but it's pretty much exactly what I already had. Unless I'm missing something the secondary drop down lists don't show up in the main one here either.
So either I'm missing something with what you came up with or I didn't explain it well in the first place. If better explanation is needed let me know. I can provide screen shots if that will help clarify things.



Oh so you want the user to select the layers, and after the user selects the layers the layers drop downs will just magically appear in the main sheet?  If that's what you're looking for then VBA forms is the solution.



yup, that's what I'm after. Once layer count is selected there remains the choices of what those internal layers will be, thus the desire for another set of dropdowns.
OK, i'll do some digging into the VBA forms. I'm not really familiar with VBA but now is as good a time to learn as any.
Thanks very much!



Go to this blog site, you might learn a thing or two about VBA forms.


Blog - Online PC Learning

looks promising! Thanks again.



You're very welcome