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I have a workbook that has 13 worksheets.  Recently I am unable access 3 of the previously accessible worksheets. Can anyone suggest what may have changed to cause this problem?

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Even if I am perhaps not the most suitable to answer your question, I would like with your permission, if I may recommend you, describe your concern / problem step by step.

If you can, add a photo with possible messages that appear on your PC.

Information about the Excel version, the operating system, where the Excel file is saved (OnDrive, hard disk, sharepoint, etc.) will help you quickly and more precisely, to find a solution approach that is tailored to you.

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@fwimberley The sheets may have been hidden.  Press ALT+F11 to access the Visual Basic Editor and then select the Sheet that you can no longer see and change the Visible property to -1 - xlSheetVisible




@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP Thank you so much for the suggestion, but a shut-down and reboot cured the problem.  Guess I should have done that first.