In my Office 2019 Pro unable to print text in color

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I recently updated my Office to 2019 Pro. When I create a spreadsheet using Excel 2019 I have certain cells which I set up with the text in for example red. Yet when I print the Excel spreadsheet all text comes out only in black. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I used to be able to print in color when using Office 2010. 

When I preview it shows the different colors but as I said when it prints all text is only black. The same thing happens when I use Word 2019.



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Hello there,

Check if printer even prints in color or not from other applications like word, or any other document or image?

If no, turn off print in grayscale from printer properties.

If yes, Open excel and go to File > Options > Advanced > Print
Turn on "High quality mode for graphics".