In Excel I am reporting the results in an Audit and need to show text in colors, bold, italics,

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I am trying to get the text formated as shown in cell A4, using formula in cell C4 as shown in formula content in cell D4. If that is possible formating each word why I can't get it in a formula? I tryied using control characters but I ignore which one I could use to change text properties for a single word or multiple words but not the entire cell content.


In this example Caracter(10) (character(10)) equals Alt Enter. I am getting row change correctly.


If it is not possible with formulas, can I get it done using a VBA script?


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If with html tag,easier to concate with format.

select group_concat(iif(f01="uderscore","<u>"||f01||"</u>",highfont(f01,f01)),'</td><td>') raw from format_font;
select group_concat(iif(f01="uderscore","<u>"||f01||"</u>",highfont(f01,f01)),'<br>') raw from format_font;




Excel cannot format parts of the result of a formula differently from the rest.