In Excel Android, how can I change the dot to a comma (keyboard) key?

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I work with an excel spreadsheet but it is impossible to sum any figures as it is a dot key.

With the french Excel version, only the comma key runs.


I know how to fix it with Windows Excel but with Excel Android I do not know where is the solution?


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ps: Excel is installed on a Samsung Tab Galaxy S8 Ultra 14.6"






J'ai installé Excel (premium) sur une tablette Samsung (android) S8 Ultra.

Mais pour saisir les décimales, c'est un point qui s'affiche au lieu de la virgule.

Comment changer le point (de la touche du clavier numérique) en virgule avec Excel pour Android?







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Hi @eric_alain

with the NUMBERVALUE() function you can sum the values.

You can specify the decimal separator and the 1000 separator yourself. This makes you independent of the locale.

For example, if your data is in cells A1 - A20:




This also works in Excel for Android.


To replace all dots with commas, there is also a search and replace function in Excel for Android. It can be found under Search and then under Settings.

Hello @dscheikey

Thanks for your message.

By the way, I only used the search and replace function to do the job.
But as I currently only use Microsoft Excel for ANDROID, it should be nice the comma key would be set up originally (as it is possible to be like that using Excel for Windows).

I guess that Excel for Android is not completely functionnal as it is the case for Windows. 


In another way, Excel for Windows is really more powerful comparing Excel for Android.


Finally, working with Excel spreadsheets using Android devices like a Samsun Tab, it just like Icould say, if it's correct, "on an ad hoc tool".

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