in copying what I thought was just a tab to another workbook naming conflict, I want to cancel

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i am getting a naming conflict when copying what I thought was a single tab to another workbook.  The conflict makes no sense based on what I thought I was doing so I want to cancel the operation but it appears that in it's wisdom microsoft does not give me the option to say "I made a mistake I wish I hadn't started this at all"  ie: "cancel" button.  So I'm stuck and scared of what the completion will do to my very complicated spreadsheet.  is there any way to cancel the operation?

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Yes I read that but the point is the naming conflict that the error is pointing out is should not have been triggered by what I thought I had done. I made a mistake. I wanted to be able to just cancel the operation and then go think about why it happened. Instead I am forced to "resolve" something that didn't make sense and the warnings in the article even say that there could be issues. I don't want issues I want to be allowed to say it was a mistake and go back to where I was before I tried the operation.

@Bill Pennock 

If you don't want to use any of the options provided by the article there is always the option to go to the Taskmanager and kill the Excel process.